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from/per person 250
  • Adventure
  • Panoramic flight
  • Professional coach
  • Transport


What is tandem skydiving?

Skydiving allows you to experience unique thrill and adrenaline rush combined with calming scenes of the Adriatic Sea, other islands and the coast. It is a way for people to experience the sensation of flight. Because beginning skydivers will dive in tandem with an instructor, proper safety precautions are vital to ensure your instructor’s safety as well. The instructor will guide you through the whole jump!


Before you even put on the parachute you need to complete a ground course and paperwork with your instructor.

Three most important things:
1. Behaviour in the plane
2. Position during the free fall
3. Position during the landing

The flight

After a beautiful 20 minute panoramic flight above the island of Hvar, you reach your skydiving altitude.
The instructor is going to check everything one last time and you are ready to go!

The free fall

A few seconds after you jump from the plane you will feel wind hitting your face while the ground slowly gets bigger beneath you. The speed at which you fall can vary from 100 to 200 miles per hour once the instructor deploys smaller parachute.

The skydive

Your instructor will signal you before opening the main parachute. Then, with a quick pull of the ripcord, you start a peaceful flight. Professional instructor can now explain you the surrounding and even let you shortly control canopy and guide you through the process in the way that you will forget all your fears, if there are any. Just relax and enjoy the view!

The skydiving landing

Simple landing procedure will be practiced at the beginning during a lesson. You should follow the rules laid out for you by your skydiving instructor.Make sure you smile for the photo! After landing you will receive a jump certificate and in case you decide to purchase a DVD video you can pick it up 1 hour after the landing.


Min. people 1 person
Tandem jump height 3 000 m / 10 000 ft
Free fall 45 sec.
Time requered to perform tandem jump 3 hours
Min. Age 14 (must have the obtain the signed consend of a parent or a guardian, and can jump only in their presence)
Handy camera 54€ /
Cameraman 110€
Transfer to airport not included in price
Available June, July, August